About Smart-Show

Guangdong Visad Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd, established in 2012, is a high-tech enterprise engaged in the development of intelligent instruments and solutions of Internet of things, as well as a leading solution provider of intelligent instruments in China.

In 2015, the famous RG design team of Netherlands joined Visad, together created a new brand of intelligent instruments “SmartShow”, and built an independent R&D Center of Intelligent Technology and Internet of Things in Visad Industrial Park. Based on the profound understanding of technologies of intelligent sensing, Internet, Internet of things and cloud computing, with persevering researches, Visad has grown to be a leader of the intelligent technology industry soon. In March of 2016, it has launched a series of smart products, including smart mugs, drones, smart wardrobes and smart lighting with which we can enjoy life more.We have always explored the value of Internet of things for healthy life. We have focused on every item related to your healthy life and tried to make it connected to the Internet. We believe that you will like our fruits. However, it’s not the whole. We have paid more attention to provide you with more precise and individual life service through big data of intelligent technology and Internet of things, and let you live a more healthy, positive and delightful life in the world of Internet of things.

So, SmartShow is not just Internet of things or an instrument, but a new way of living based on big data.
We always adhere to our enterprise value of “Making Different Technology”, and devote ourselves to lead “different intelligent technology” to walk into our life.
Let’s wait and see what happens in the future!

Brand Profile

It’s an age full of innovations and hot sales, Where you can find revenges and subversion every day. Proactively or passively, Perhaps you have already contacted too many creative electronic products, Like smart mugs, drones and smart children watches. They bring new pleasure to the drab life. However, they are not the whole story of SmartShow. We are SmartShow,A brand that attempts to play with the world with wisdom, A team that shows personalities without fear of worldly shackles. We can make a simple drab thing interesting and funny, And a complex one simple and smart. We are here just to do something for your future and to turn your life into a show of creativity. SmartShow makes imagination within easy reach.

Brand Declaration

In a time full of ideas, you will witness more miracles that you have never seen.

They may be the ones that you have ever dreamed of, Or the ones that you have never imagined.
We are SmartShow,
Who tries its best to create an era of creative life And shows you extraordinary wisdom.
You can find all imaginations that you never have in SmartShow.

Brand Story

Life is a great show. Just show your ideas boldly.
In 2009, in Amsterdam, the palace of arts, a group of design elites from all over the world and industries gathered there. It’s a group of plebs who love arts and pursue a minimalist lifestyle.
After a carnival, they created a product design team named RG which means elements that don’t exist under natural conditions.
               They are the ones
                who have unbelievable wisdom and creativity, subvert traditions with their funny thoughts, and turn ideas that we once expected or never thought of into reality.
                In 2015, they came to China and created SmartShow.
                But in their hands one by one into reality.
                2015 they came to China, the creation of the wisdom show.
                You can find all Imaginations that you never have in Smartshow.
             Smartshow is right here waiting for you!

Brand Advantages

It’s simple but stylish, elegant but personalized. It’s an exquisite attitude towards to life and a footloose freedom to innovate.

With the eye of art, we design products which are also arts. SmartShow turns every moment into an artistic life by innovation.

The art of live is the source of every creative inspiration which may solve your pain points or hit your itchy points.

We design external appearances and internal functions with IPhones’ standards just as our starting line. We have persistently paid attention to details which you can’t see, and insisted on quality which you can see.

Brand Vision

We are searching for ideas to light up the future. We are insisting on subversion of the mediocrity of traditions. We are desiring to do something for your future
          And make your life a crazy and creative show.
 We are SmartShow. We want to have fun in this era with innovations together with you.