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PHP programmer

As you know, you need to develop back ends of websites and master knowledge about PHP+Mysql, Ajax, SMARTY, Apache, Linux, mvc structure, and the buffering technique of PHP.

Java Software Engineer

You are responsible for the development of server sides and familiar with Java, database structures like Mysql, big data, and the design and development of highly concurrent systems. You better

have more than 2 years of experience of development.

iOS engineers and Android engineers

You need to develop APPs independently. You better have developed mature APP.

Various designers

Yes, we want various designers for a long term, including graphic designers, interaction designers, illustrators, visual designers, and web designers. Who are you?

QA Manager and Technology Support to Supply Chain

You need to control the quality of our products and manage standards of QC, manufacturing techniques and

processes. You should have organization experiences of productions or experiences of QC...

SCM Engineer

You are required to research and develop various interesting smart instruments. So you should be familiar with SCM machines, C Language, Bluetooth 4.0, WIFI and various mainstream sensors...

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JIMI Youpin is going to hele you realize your dream. We will provide suitable talents with great growth opportunities. As long as you have outstanding achievements, you will be well rewarded.
The entrepreneurial atmosphere here encourages everyone to innovate proactively and endeavor for beautiful things. There is no sense of hierarchy of large companies, thus everyone can put forward its ideas and thoughts.
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